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Tan - Tall beerbar bareback

The meeting with Tan started out fun. I casually stopped in her Soi 8 beer bar for a drink. There was another girl that caught my eye at first but Tan was friendly and flirty. Big smile and she was looking at me like she would eat me alive!

I bought Tan a drink and we talked a little. She's 20 and from a small village in Issan. After a couple drinks she was getting frisky, rubbing my cock and giving me a lap dance. I told her I wanted her panties and bra and offered her 500 baht for them. Her eyes got big, not knowing what to do. Feeling generous and a little tipsy I upped the price to 1000 baht. She replied with the perfect Pattaya reply. "Ok, money number one!"

Tan took off her bra and panties and handed them over to me. I smelled them both, taking a deep breath of her perfumed panties. Tan giggled shyly and her freed titties jiggled. Shorttime! In the room Tan stripped out of her clothes and went straight for my cock. Her big soft lips wrapped around as she slurped on it. Tan rolled a condom onto my cock and we fucked a bit, then I slid it off for bareback action. I banged away at Tan's mushy wet box while her long legs were high in the air. I ended with a cumshot above her cock landing strip. An extra 1000 baht tip for Tan and went out the door with my new trophies. Now WTF do I do with the bra and panties?

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Nara - Chubby butt bareback

Nara works at a Jomtien beer bar. Her body is ok, but her face is very cute. Nara was playful as we drank and played a few rounds of snooker at her bar. I can't remember if I won or not since I was DRUNK. But at the end of the last game shorttime seemed like a good idea.

I paid Nara's 300 baht barfine and we went to the upstairs shorttime room. Nara stripped out of her overall shorts while I was dizzy from looking at the odd colored comforter on the bed. Seeing her naked I was happy with my fuck selection for the evening. Switching up the pace is a good idea and a chubby butt with cute smile was a match made in heaven.

Nara blew me, and I bent her ass over to fuck doggystyle. Nara said I was her first customer in a month as I slide into her wet cunt bareback. We fucked in a number of positions but I just could not cum. I was more drunk than I thought. So had a stop break to go piss. That did it. Looking at Nara's spread butthole while plowing her cunt was just the inspiration I needed. I came on her big Thai ass cheeks and groggily went into the shower.

I tipped Nara and we kissed and said goodnight like strangers in the Jomtien night.

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